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Powering and Multiplying Social & Public Good through Technology and Innovation


Powering & Multiplying Social & Public Good through technology and innovation 

ThunderQuote is a digital solutions and capability building specialist for the social, nonprofit, and public sectors in Singapore and the region. As a Tech for Good organisation, we work closely with our partners to provide digital advisory and IT implementation services for non-profits and charities to multiply their ability to impact society and change lives.
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NCSS pre-appointed consultants
NCSS Pre-Appointed Consultants
Highly experienced
60+ Satisfied Charities and Non-profits
Award Winning
President’s Certificate of Commendation (2023)

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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We Help The Helpers: Powering & Multiplying Social & Public Good through technology and innovation
Our mission is to create an inclusive and accessible ecosystem where organisations, policy makers, and individuals united by a shared vision to create meaningful change can thrive and make extraordinary progress in their communities. We understand that progress and positive impact can be hindered by limited access to training, affordable and scalable IT tools, and solutions. Our aim is to bridge this divide by driving transformative ecosystem changes and fostering an environment of innovation and empowerment. By facilitating easy adoption and providing comprehensive support, we empower individuals and organisations to expand their positive influence and make extraordinary progress towards building stronger and more sustainable communities.
Empowerment and Accessibility

Empowerment and Accessibility

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the tools, resources, and unwavering support they need to make a lasting impact in their communities. We believe in accessibility, ensuring that IT infrastructure and essential systems are within reach for all, enabling our clients to effectively leverage technology to advance their mission. Our commitment to sustainability drives us to create user-friendly, adaptable, and easily accessible solutions that support long-term growth and enable swift transformation for those making a positive difference in society.

Facilitating Partnerships and Enabling Impact

We recognize the importance of forging connections and facilitating partnerships. By creating a supportive ecosystem, we empower our clients and partners to fulfill their mission and drive social change. Our role as a catalyst for positive change extends beyond empowerment; we actively engage in research, pioneering new solutions, and shaping policies that benefit non-profits and the wider social sector. Through creativity and innovation, we explore novel approaches to tackle societal challenges and foster the growth and scalability of those dedicated to making positive change in their communities.
Facilitating Partnerships and Enabling Impact
Bridging the Gap and Creating Ecosystem Impact

Facilitating Partnerships and Enabling Impact

As a facilitator for positive change, we aim to create impactful developments in the social and public good ecosystems and supportive frameworks that empower our clients to thrive and maximize their potential in creating lasting social impact. We are committed to shaping a stronger society, where those looking to create meaningful change have the necessary resources and support.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a world where all social and public good organisations have access to tools to maximise their positive impact and drive transformative change in their communities.
Vision Statement

Our Services

System Implementation
We create and provide a wide range of IT tools and services to meet the needs and use cases of our clients. These include custom-built solutions that are easy to implement. Our team collaborates closely with charities and nonprofits in the region to create tailor-made digital solutions that streamline operations, enhance outreach efforts, and optimize fundraising initiatives.
Our Consultancy Services

We are pre-appointed consultants for Singapore's National Council of Social Services (NCSS) for IT Consultancy and Advisory projects under their Tech-and-GO! (TNG) initiative for Social Service Agencies (SSAs) and charities in Singapore. We are also pre-appointed consultants for the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) for their Productivity and Digitalisation Consulting Service (PDCS) scheme to provide both advisory and project management services to Community Care Organisations (CCOs) in Singapore. 
Digital Strategy Planning (DSP)

For SSAs aiming to build a future-ready organisation by evaluating and integrating digital systems.

Develop a comprehensive digital masterplan with us as we help provide a detailed roadmap essential for securing further funding for digital systems.

Ideal for SSAs questioning whether to replace or integrate existing systems, aligning digital solutions with business objectives, or digitising business processes to meet organisational vision and service user needs.

Consultancy includes defining a digital vision, conducting SWOT analysis, and creating a five-year digital strategy plan. Additionally, it involves stakeholder analysis, developing change management strategies, and ensuring effective communication to secure buy-in from all relevant parties.

  • Popular!
  • 80% funded by NCSS, SSAs pay between $7K and $23K.
  • Recommended for SSAs seeking future funding for tech systems and tools.
Start Consultancy
Start Consultancy

We help to identify your current IT needs and challenges, and offer digital solutions to solve your tech-related pain points.
Ideal for SSAs seeking guidance to adopt the most suitable digital solutions, whether uncertain about the best option or needing a solution tailored to their unique needs.

Support includes pre-project evaluation, process mapping, requirements study, gaps analysis, and solutions recommendation. It aims to streamline processes, address key challenges, and provide tailored technology recommendations to enhance productivity and meet organisational objectives.

  • 80% funded by NCSS, SSAs pay between $7K and $23K.
  • Recommended for SSAs who want to adopt Start Digital solutions (pre-scoped or greenlane solutions)
  • Estimated project timeline between 3-6 months
Go consultancy
Go Consultancy

For SSAs wanting to adopt Go Digital solutions (non-pre-scoped and/or large-scale integrated IT solutions) to increase productivity and streamline corporate functions.

Ideal for those with specialised needs requiring support to recommend, evaluate and implement integrated solutions to increase productivity and streamline processes for corporate functions.

The consultancy includes pre-project evaluation, cost-benefit analysis, and IT implementation support to recommend and implement the most suitable integrated solutions.

  • 80% funded by NCSS, SSAs pay between $7K to $23K.
  • Estimated project timeline of up to 24 months.
Grow consultancy
Grow Consultancy

For SSAs looking to adopt Grow Digital solutions (non-pre-scoped and/or large-scale integrated service delivery technology solutions) to enhance productivity and streamline processes impacting service users.

Suitable for SSAs needing specialised consultancy support for customised solution evaluation and implementation.

Support encompasses pre-project evaluation, human-centred design, baseline assessment, cost-benefit analysis, and IT implementation to ensure effective adoption and sustained impact of the technology solutions.

  • 80% funded by NCSS, SSAs pay between $7K to $23K.
  • Estimated project timeline of up to 24 months.
Digital Implementation Consultancy
Digital Implementation Consultancy

For SSAs needing project management support for IT implementation projects.

Ideal for agencies that have identified their preferred vendor/solution or received TNG tech funding and require consultancy support for smooth implementation.

The consultancy covers project management, change management, and post-implementation review, ensuring effective implementation, stakeholder engagement, and sustainability of the adopted technologies.

  • 80% funded by NCSS, SSAs pay between $7K to $23K.
  • Estimated project timeline of up to 24 months.
Data Management Consultancy
Data Management Consultancy

For SSAs seeking guidance on managing data across its lifecycle and leveraging it to improve productivity and service user experience.

Ideal for those needing hands-on assistance in data management and analysis.

Addressing key concerns such as effective data management, utilising collected data to benefit the organisation and service users, and identifying useful data tools.

Recommended for SSAs aiming to maximise their data potential.

  • 80% funded by NCSS, SSAs pay between $7k to $23k
  • Estimated project timeline of up to 12 months.

Non-Profit Resource Hub

As a Tech for Good organisation that operates in the spirit of corporate citizenship, the actions that we take ultimately feed back into the social sector. We understand the unique challenges charities and nonprofits around the region face as they attempt to navigate the rapidly evolving digital landscape and have, in response, come up with a comprehensive collection of free online tools and resources as part of our CSR to help with their digital transformations.
By offering these resources at no cost, we aim to level the playing field and ensure that all charities and nonprofits have access to the transformative potential of technology, enabling them to reach a wider audience and create greater impact in their communities.
Non Profit Hub

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